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Prima Donna Orlando – The New Prima Donna Deauville

Video Transcript

Hello my lingerie lovers! 

Today’s video is for those of you who absolutely love the Prima Donna Deauville bra. This might sound a bit of a niche topic and for a lot of you ladies, you’re probably not going to be interested, but, this is my best-selling bra and, frankly, I think it’s possibly the best bra in the world. 

So, the reason that this is so popular is because it has a very wide size range, so I sell this from a D up to a J cup, it goes from a 30 back up to a 46, I think, back. And, not only does it have a wide range in sizes, but it’s a fantastic fit. It’s so well-made, it combines function, support, comfort, as well as being quite attractive. However, there are a lot of my ladies who will only buy the Deauville because it’s so good, but, you know, after a while, you can get a little bit bored, you see other things, you see other colours, you think: oh Deauville’s great but I’d like a change. 

Up until now, I’d never recommended that change, because if you’re a Deauville fan, nothing fits quite like a Deauville. That’s until now. Prima Donna have brought out a new bra that actually was the predecessor to the Prima Donna Deauville called Orlando. So here we have the Prima Donna Orlando

As you can see, it has all the same features as a Deauville, which is why it’s getting the same level of support and comfort that you would feel. You’ve got the opaque, soft stretchy fabric at the bottom of the cup. There is an internal seam here to give shaping and support. The side panel, which pushes your boobs forward and stops them sort of sitting under your arms, which is never really comfortable. You have nice, wide adjustable straps to make sure that they stay up. This wide band under here which means that basically you tuck in all that bit of flesh in there out of the way and it gives extra support on the sides. 

And, not only it’s got all the same fantastic functionalities of a Prima Donna Deauville, it is super pretty. We’ve got this lovely, soft, iridescent embroidery on the top of the cup, which is featured on the strap as well, it comes in a stunning, sort of sage-y green colour, and it also comes in a soft blush-y pink, which they call geisha, which is a great alternative to beige for the summer. It’s gonna be interesting to see whether they continue with this at the moment, it isn’t a stayer, it’s just a fashion bra, but I anticipate that we’re going to see this becoming a permanent addition to the collection because the fit is so fantastic. 

To all of our Prima Donna Deauville fans I’d highly recommend giving this a try because the fit is so good, I’ve tried it on quite a few people now and I have moved over some dedicated Deauville wearers to it and they’ve been very pleased with the results. If you’ve got any questions about this bra please do get in touch, thanks very much.


Prima Donna Orlando Bra Summer Leaf Prima Donna Orlando Bra Geisha