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Bra Fitting – What to Expect


When was the last time you had a bra fitting? If it’s been years or never, you’re not alone. Many women avoid fittings due to concerns about the process or simply because they’re content with their current bras. Today, I’m here to demystify the bra fitting process and reassure you that it’s a simple, beneficial experience.

Why Get a Bra Fitting?

Wearing a properly fitting bra can significantly enhance your comfort and appearance. A good fit means you won’t feel the need to rip off your bra at the end of the day, and your clothes will look better as your bust will be well-supported. Let’s walk through what happens during a fitting to ease any worries you might have.

The Initial Steps

At Plums Lingerie, the first thing I do is ask about your current bra size and what you’re looking for—whether it’s a strapless bra, something for a special occasion, or an everyday bra. This helps me understand your needs before we even start the fitting.

Assessing Your Current Bra

Once you’re in the fitting room, I take a look at the bra you’re wearing. This allows me to see how well it fits and identify any issues, like slackness at the back or poor cup fit. This initial assessment is crucial as it guides the next steps in finding your perfect bra.

No Tape Measure Needed

Unlike many high street shops or department stores, we don’t use a tape measure. With years of experience, I can estimate sizes just by looking. While I strive to get it right the first time, we might need to try a few different bras to find the best fit. The first bra you try on is not one you have to like—it’s more about finding a starting point.

Adjusting for the Perfect Fit

Once you have a bra on, I make several adjustments. I check the band to ensure it’s straight and positioned correctly under your arms. The hook and eye should be on the loosest setting to allow for future adjustments as the bra stretches. Shoulder straps should have about two fingers’ worth of space to ensure they hold the bra without digging in.

The Boob Shuffle Technique

A unique part of my fitting process is the “boob shuffle.” Unlike some more invasive techniques I’ve experienced, this involves gently adjusting the bra to ensure your breasts sit correctly in the cups. This adjustment can make a huge difference in how the bra fits and feels.

Finding Your Perfect Style

While I advise on what size I think will work best for you, the final decision is yours. You can try different sizes and styles until you find one that feels right. Feedback is crucial—if a bra is comfortable but not your style, we’ll keep looking until we find one that fits well and suits your taste.

No Pressure to Buy

Importantly, there’s no obligation to purchase anything after your fitting. Our goal is to ensure you find the right fit and feel confident in your choice. This service is about helping you feel good in your bra, not about making a sale.

Encouragement to Get Fitted

I hope this guide encourages you to get a bra fitting, whether with us or another provider. Wearing the right size can make a world of difference in comfort and confidence. Don’t hesitate to invest in your comfort and well-being by ensuring you have the perfect fit.

In summary, a bra fitting is a straightforward, supportive process designed to help you find the best possible fit. It’s an opportunity to enhance your comfort and appearance without any pressure to buy. So why wait? Treat yourself to a fitting and experience the difference it makes!