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Bra Fitting – What to Expect


Video Transcription

Today, I am going to be talking about what you can expect when you come for a bra fitting. Now, the reason I’m doing this is that I hear a lot of people saying, “I’ve never been for a bra fitting. “I haven’t been for a fitting in 20 years.” And that’s either because you’re just perfectly happy in something, or you may have some concerns. And some of the concerns are, whether you’re going to be obliged to buy something, or you’re going to have to take all your clothes off.

I want to talk a little bit about what happens when you go for a bra fitting to allay any fears you may have because wearing a properly fitting bra is a wonderful thing.  Not only will be you be super comfortable all day long, none of this taking your bra off and throw it on the floor at the end of the day because it hurts so much. And your clothes look better because your boobs are where they’re meant to be. So, what happens at Plums Lingerie isn’t necessarily what happens everywhere, but hopefully I’ll just make you feel a bit happier about the idea of going for a fitting, whether it’s with us or you go somewhere else.

The first thing I do when I get a customer is to ask what size you’re currently wearing, if you’re looking for anything in particular, are you looking for a strapless bra or something for a wedding, so on and so forth. And once I’ve got you in the fitting room, I like to have a little look at the bra you’re wearing because I can then see, is it a little bit slack at the back, how are the cups fitting. And once I’ve done that, I will give you a bra to try.

Unlike a lot of high street shops or department stores, we don’t use a tape measure. I’ve been doing this a long time, and through experience, I know what a 32E boobs look like, or a 34 back, or a G cup. I would love to say that I get it right first time, but that’s not always the case. We will probably have to try a few things on. But once you’ve got one on, it will give me an indication of where to go next. That in mind, the first bra I give you, you don’t have to like it. You may look at it and go , “I’d never wear that, it is gross.” Don’t worry, I’m not gonna make you take it home. The reason I’ve given you that bra is that I’m experienced in trying it on lots of different people, and I know it fits a lot of different sizes and shapes, and it gives me a really good benchmark of where we work from there. So, I often fit in a full cup. Again, once we’ve got the size, we then work on the style.

Once I’ve got the bra on you, I will adjust it.  I check the bands around the body, it’s all sitting straight, it’s all sitting under the arm properly. The hook and eye on the back is on the loosest, so you’ve got space when your bra stretches to tighten it up. Your shoulder strap should have about two fingers’ worth of space in, just enough to hold it onto your shoulders without digging in or bearing any weight. Your boobs shouldn’t be slung off your shoulders. And then I do my signature boob shuffle technique. The first time I went for a bra fitting in Rigby & Peller, I think I was about 18, 19, I was quite shy. And I was absolutely mortified when a very nice lady fitter basically took a hand and threw it in between the bra and my boob and basically grabbed me and re-hoisted me into the right position. Think I may have a little bit of PTSD from that. And I do not do that to my ladies. Instead, I take the top of the bra, take the bottom of the bra, and give a little bit of a shuffle. And what that does, it drops the boob into the bottom of the cup. An adjustment can make the difference between a bra that doesn’t look like it fits at all to something that looks like it fits perfectly.

Now, I advise on the size I believe works for you, but I don’t dictate it. If you don’t feel comfortable, and you want to try a different back size or a different cup size, that’s no problem. You can try on anything you like. It’s no inconvenience at all. The most important thing is that you’re happy with the size that you wear. Once we’ve got that size, we’ll start messing around with styles. Like I said, if you’re in a full-cup bra, you can be a little bit shallow at the top. So, that may not work for you. It doesn’t mean it’s the wrong size, it just means that it’s not the right style for you. Now, all the feedback you give us is very useful because then we can adjust what we give you to try on next. Please just don’t tell us, “Oh, it’s ugly.” That’s fine, I don’t mind you saying that, but that’s not going help you with the fit of the bra. So, once we go through some styles, we will be able to identify what really works for you. What I would like to say, in closing, is please don’t ever feel pressured to buy something when you come in for a fitting, especially if you’re not 100% happy that it’s gonna work for you. This is a service we provide. We are happy to do it. The more ladies out there who are wearing the right size, feeling good about themselves, is a wonderful thing.

I hope you found this little sort of guide or a bit more of information about fitting, and I hope it encourages you to go and get fitted somewhere, whether it’s with us or somebody else.