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Guide to Buying Bridal Lingerie and Nightwear

Brides do a lot of planning, from their engagement to the big day. The most fun activity is probably finding your dress. However, if you don’t plan what goes under your bridal lingerie, it can ruin your whole bridal look.

Wedding night lingerie may not be as exciting as your wedding dress, but don’t overlook the foundation pieces for your special day. Take the time to research the right fit for you. Lingerie is such a fun part of wedding preparations because it’s just for you and your partner, no one else to impress or please. It’s something so personal and intimate.

A bride-to-be always wants the best for their big day, whether it’s finding the best bridal lingerie or shapewear to wear underneath their dream dress. Of course, you want something luxurious so she’ll feel amazing on her wedding day all the way to her honeymoon.

Choosing Bridal Lingerie

Wedding or bridal lingerie doesn’t just refer to what you’ll wear on your first night but the whole wedding day and honeymoon afterwards. The most popular bridal lingerie colours are ivory or skin tone since wedding dress colours are usually light. However, the right bridal lingerie is up to the bride, as she knows best what makes her feel comfortable and sexy and highlights her personality.


You don’t always need shapewear underneath your wedding dress. After all, you want to consider the whole day, including sitting down for the reception and eventually using the loo. And it can prove to be slightly restrictive. Also, consider if you want classic, seamless, or shaping.

Nevertheless, shapewear gives the bride-to-be a smooth silhouette under her wedding dress. So, consider shapewear while dress shopping. Shapewear is specifically designed to be undetectable and invisible under wedding dresses, so it should change depending on dress style. And it should be seamless and nude.


Shapewear Briefs For Wedding Dress

Moreover, it is perfect for anyone who’s self-conscious about any lumps or bumps. If you’re looking for a more form-fitting dress, try a slip dress or bustiers to enhance your figure and waist.

In addition, your chosen bridal lingerie or shapewear can completely change how you look in a dress. So, give your chosen shapewear a test drive before your big day to ensure you aren’t pinched anywhere.

Bridal Bra

With strapless dresses and one shoulder dresses, you’ll want to look for strapless bras unless your dress is corseted or has inbuilt cups. Also, if your dress features a plunging neckline, a plunge bra will be perfect for creating a V shape and also provide support. With low-cut dresses, a balcony bra will be your BFF. And the moulded cups in a bra are seamless and won’t show any bumps.

If you’ve opted for a stunning backless dress, a backless bra with adhesive in the front will work for backless dresses. Alternatively, you can ask your seamstress to sew cups into your dress bodice, so it isn’t necessary to wear a bra at all. Some dresses have a more structured bodice to offer support without a bra. You can even add more padding for a bit of an extra lift.

And remember to get fitted for your exact bra size. This is so crucial to how the bra looks and feels. And you don’t want to regret not finding the right bridal bra for your wedding gown when you spot bra straps peeking out in wedding photos.

Strapless Bras For Wedding Dress

Finally, a tip for those wearing a strapless dress is to avoid a bra with straps in the morning, as the marks could take a few hours to disappear.

Also, booby tape and nipple covers are an option for low cut dresses, which most bras won’t work with. There are endless options these days, and you need to put in some research to find the right one for your unique dress and body shape.

Bridal Underwear

The right bridal underwear won’t bunch up or cause any discomfort during your big day. You definitely want to avoid any visible lines, so your entire bridal look is flattering. High waisted full briefs are comfortable and provide some coverage to the tummy area but avoid if you have a low back dress.

In addition, if you’ve said yes to a princess dress with a full skirt, you can get away with most types of underwear under your gown. So, you have more freedom to wear what you want.

Alternatively, for a form-fitting dress, your bridal underwear should be seamless, a thong is ideal for minimal show through but you might find briefs with more coverage a better option. Finally, you can go for a practical underwear option under your wedding dress and change into something sexier later on.



Tips for Buying Presents for a Bridal Lingerie Shower

Wedding lingerie showers are to help prepare the bride for her wedding night and honeymoon. She has already picked out what she’ll wear under her wedding dress, but this is what she’ll slip into afterwards.

And keep her style in mind to feel like herself during this significant time in her life. Perhaps the bride hopes to receive romantic yet traditional lingerie or nightwear.

Choose the Right Style

Determine what kind of style the bride will go for. There are lots of options when it comes to bridal lingerie sets and nightwear.

For one, a babydoll gives a sexy and sweet vibe. Also, you could get the bride a pack of thongs to last the honeymoon and beyond. And a bodysuit provides a complete look and definitely highlights the bride’s body. Also, her wedding dress may give you a clue of her style.

Of course, a quality bra is always a great gift for years to come. And lace will make it even more wedding appropriate, so this gift will keep on giving. For a traditional new bride, you can choose a bra and panty set for a classic look.

Choose the Right Size

Make note of the bride’s size, and find something that’ll accentuate the sexiness of the bride to be. The lingerie shower invite should include her bra size as well as her panty size to help.

But if you aren’t sure of the bride’s size, get a smaller size instead of a larger one because it’s always better to flatter her. Also, include the gift receipt so that she can always return the gift if needed because no matter her size, there are options.

If you’re the bride, you know that you won’t have time to exchange the wrong size wedding lingerie with the wedding planning. But you could make an appointment for a fitting at a lingerie store to ensure the perfect bridal lingerie.

Also, bring photos of your wedding dress to show the fitter. Alternatively, you could use a soft tape measure to get the measurements in your own home.

Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t put off buying wedding lingerie until the last minute. You’ll want to bring your chosen shapewear or lingerie to your first dress fitting appointment to ensure a perfect fit. If you have a type of lingerie already in mind, you could choose to wear it while wedding dress shopping. Nonetheless, it’s safer to wait and buy your wedding lingerie after you find your chosen dress.

This also applies if you’re shopping for the bride to be. You want to make sure you have something for her before her lingerie shower. After all, brides wearing the wrong lingerie under their gowns or afterwards won’t make them feel comfortable or free. Plus, when they’re lounging in the hotel room with their new hubby, comfy means she’ll feel and look even sexier.

Consider the Whole Day

Yes, the wedding night is fun to shop for and what most people will be thinking of when shopping for the bride, but keep in mind what she may want to wear during the whole wedding day.

The bride’s “getting ready” look for the morning of the wedding should offer enough coverage so that she feels comfortable seeing family and friends, while also being photographed.

For instance, a silk or satin robe has been popular for brides-to-be. This way, they can be comfortable while getting their hair and makeup done with the bridesmaids. A bralette under the robe is a comfy and cute option as well. These gifts will be great for the honeymoon and beyond.

A long-standing tradition for the wedding reception is the groom getting his bride’s garter from under her dress. So, you could encourage this tradition by getting brides to be delicate lace garters to check off their big day to-do list. You could even get them with blue accents for something blue.

Bridal Lingerie | Wedding Garter

Choose the Right Color

The bride might go for more traditional but white, cream, or ivory lingerie sets during the day and a pop of colour for the wedding night. If tradition isn’t her thing, it’s her wedding day, so you can choose any colour palette she’d like. Black is a sexy colour, and red is romantic. A woman’s wedding is the perfect excuse to treat her to something fancy.

Moreover, her skin tone can guide you to the best colours for her. For blondes, pastel colours are flattering. Brunettes look great in bold prints and bright colours. Otherwise, redheads look stunning in colours such as emerald, crisp blue, and purple.

Finally, a fair complexion does well with pastels and powder colours, and darker skin can wear lighter coloured lingerie to make a beautiful contrast.

Choose Good Quality

Opt for fabrics that are high quality and comfortable. And don’t take a chance on a random cheap online wedding lingerie shop you’ve found. This is a big deal for the bride, and you don’t want the piece to tear or break when she needs it the most.

Trusted brands offer a variety of different bridal styles for thongs, a beautiful chemise, or a corset for any bridal look.

Pick a Guest List

A bridal lingerie shower is an intimate occasion and will only happen once for her. If you’re planning the event, make sure only to include friends and family that the bride will be comfortable with.

After all, you never want her to feel awkward with certain guests looking at bras and thongs.

Bridal Nightwear for the Wedding Night

Your wedding will leave you exhausted, so you may want to dive into the covers. Yet, taking the time to change into something sexy and enjoy newlywed bliss is worth it. There are lots of styles to choose from for the wedding night.

For example, lace is seen as romantic and is usually featured in bridal nightwear. So, go with something exciting but is still in your comfort zone.

If you’ve decided on ivory for your wedding day lingerie to match your gown, this is your chance to pick a fun colour for nighttime. Go with whatever catches your eyes, and know it’ll catch your husband’s as well. It doesn’t have to be something skimpy if you aren’t into that.

In addition, the bride can think about if she’d like a whole ensemble for her wedding lingerie. For instance, suspender belts are sexy and adventurous and often display delicate lace for a playful aesthetic.

And thigh-high stockings with a suspender belt paired with a matching bra and briefs are an excellent option for sexy lingerie sets. And hold ups stay in place without a suspender belt, so they’re seamless.

Honeymoon Nightwear | Wedding Night Lingerie

Furthermore, a satin or silk chemise or slip for brides makes for an attractive choice that you’ll also feel comfortable in. You don’t want something overly complicated but pick an outfit that you really feel beautiful in.

Additionally, brides can easily find styles in satin, lace, silk, and sheer cut-outs. There’s something for every type of bride, depending on if you like the structured feel of a corset or the innocence of babydoll dresses. For a classic bride, all-over white lace and floral embroidery will be very feminine.

And newlyweds will appreciate pyjamas that are flattering yet comfortable after the big day. A perfect choice is a silky pyjama matching set with a romantic robe. A chemise is also an effortless style to relax in but also highlights the waist and silhouette of your body.

Last but not least, only you and your partner get to decide what sexy means to you, so don’t be afraid to be unique.


Should I Buy My Wedding Dress or Bridal Underwear First?

You should buy your wedding dress first to be on the safe side. That’s because you could be set on the perfect bridal underwear with delicate white lace and ribbons but fall in love with a sheath dress that displays every undergarment that isn’t seamless. So, it’s best to wait.

What Should I Wear While Wedding Dress Shopping?

Since you’ll figure out your exact shapewear or bridal underwear and bra, later on, wear a nude thong paired with a nude bra, as that’ll work with almost every dress. Before your first fitting, don’t forget to settle on your undergarments so that the silhouette is just right.

What is the Difference Between Hold Ups and Stockings?

Hold ups allow brides not to have to use a suspender belt to hold them up. Stockings are designed to need a suspender belt to keep them from falling. Either one makes for a luxurious look paired with a lace bra or bralette.

Does Bridal Lingerie Always Have to Be White?

No, your bridal lingerie doesn’t always have to be white. The lingerie or shapewear you chose to go under your wedding gown should be a lighter colour, so it doesn’t show. However, beyond that, the choice is yours. So, a chemise or bodysuit could be in a light blue, purple, or pink colour or whatever shades of colour accommodate your style.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re purchasing the best bridal lingerie for yourself or someone else, it helps to get tips about wedding night lingerie before starting out.

So, make note of your wedding dress’s style and fit when buying a bra and panty underneath it. For instance, you may need a strapless or plunge bra in traditional ivory and nude shades. For the nighttime, brides can go wild with the colour.

Even if you don’t usually go for bold looks, you may be surprised at how sexy and unique you feel when you dress up for the occasion.