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The Ultimate Guide To Prima Donna Lingerie

Luxury plus size lingerie is hard to come by, especially when you’re a larger busted woman who needs both style and support. However, the Prima Donna lingerie has been at the forefront and centre of providing women of every shape and size with beautiful and comfortable undergarments that’ll make them feel confident and comfortable as they go about their day.

So, how did the wonderful Prima Donna lingerie brand come to be, and what makes it stand out among its competitors? 

The History of Prima Donna Lingerie

The Prima Donna lingerie brand goes back as far as 1865, when a small atelier opened in Germany. This atelier catered to women of all shapes and sizes, but it placed special emphasis on providing larger-chested women with top-quality lingerie.

The atelier slowly gained recognition and fame among its clientele, and by 1890, it was considered a specialist corsetry brand. As time went on, Prima Donna lingerie became known as the place where wealthy and well-off ladies went to buy luxurious and stylish lingerie. 

Then, the more time passed, the more steadfast Prima Donna was in their mission. Even in the 1970s, when all the focus was on the “skinny” look, Prima Donna made sure to cater to curvy women who didn’t fit the mould at the time.

When 1990 came about, the Prima Donna lingerie brand was taken over by the long-standing lingerie company Van de Velde N.V., which is located in the town of Schellebelle, Belgium. However, even after the acquisition, the Prima Donna lingerie brand remained a haven for curvaceous women who couldn’t find what they needed in the regular lingerie market. 

Moreover, the designers of Prima Donna lingerie kept improving on their designs and even came up with new ones to provide better comfort and fit for their customers. They also made sure to keep up with the trends of the time and remain relevant by introducing new materials and cuts. 

For example, they started using nylon and Lycra as lingerie materials, and in 1997, they created their first H cup bra.  Furthermore, in 2004, Prima Donna introduced their first-ever deep plunge bra that came in cup sizes ranging all the way from a B cup to an H cup. Then, when 2007 rolled around, the Prima Donna lingerie brand came out with I cup bras, all to better suit and support voluptuous women, and nowadays, they have introduced J and K cup sizes.

It’s also worth noting that Prima Donna made a significant effort to connect with stylish and fashion-oriented women, and that’s why the sister brand of Prima Donna Twist was launched in 2010. This plus size lingerie brand still made sure that support and comfort were available in their undergarments, but their designs, prints, and colours were more edgy and trendy. 

Prima Donna also launched Prima Donna Swim in 2013 designing bikinis up to an I cup, as well as Prima Donna Sport in 2017.

To this day, Prima Donna constantly makes new improvements to their products and comes up with new ones to make sure their clients lack for nothing. So, whether a woman needs a supportive sports bra, comfortable briefs, or a couture lace lingerie set, or even a nursing bra, Prima Donna will have her covered, and that’s why there are more than 2,500,000 Prima Donna lingerie products sold every year, all over the world.

How Prima Donna Bras Are Made

PrimaDonna bras are designed and made with a curvy body in mind. The main goal of a Prima Donna bra is for its owners to feel as if they’re wearing a custom bra.

As such, designers and pattern makers join hands to come up with the ultimate Prima Donna bras. Since all Prima Donna bras are known for their perfect fit and support in plus size bras, this team makes sure to get the measurements and cuts right down to a single millimetre, be it for a seamless bra, soft cup bra, convertible bra, or t-shirt bra.

Prima Donna Lingerie Design

Then, once the patterns have been decided on, the Prima Donna material engineers start a series of rigorous testing to examine the functionality and durability of every material that goes into the bra, such as the fastenings, elastics, underwiring, and even the fabric and lace. 

This process can take a long time as each plus size bra can have up to 50 components that all need to be tested before being incorporated into a Prima Donna bra. Then, once all materials are proven to be up to par, they’re assembled into a bra. This assembly process can take 40 to 50 steps, all of which involve a far greater proportion of manual labour and attention to detail than other bra brands. 

Prima Donna Bra Components


For instance, Prima Donna wraps all bra underwires in rubber to increase the wearer’s comfort and prevent any wires from poking into a woman’s body, and this goes to show just how much Prima Donna bras are made with the utmost care. 

The last step of the process includes two final inspections done by hand to ensure that the Prima Donna bras will be satisfactory to all customers. The logic behind doing a hand inspection is that bras are a very intimate garment, and as such, only a human touch can determine if the product is good enough to be dispatched. 

As you can probably tell, it’s no laughing matter coming up with new PrimaDonna bra designs. To tell the truth, the entire manufacturing process from the initial sketch till the final launch can take up to 18 months. 

However, as long as the customers feel as if all PrimaDonna bras are perfectly moulded to their body and cause no discomfort when trying one out in a fitting room or wearing it about, then the time put into the manufacturing process is well-invested. 

What Makes Prima Donna Lingerie So Special?

Many Prima Donna customers swear by the company’s products and say they’ve never found a better plus size lingerie brand. Now, why do they say that, or to put it differently, what makes Prima Donna lingerie so unique and popular? 

How They Fit

No matter your shape, Prima Donna lingerie will fit you like a glove and be comfortable to boot. All pieces manufactured by Prima Donna feel as if they were made with your measurements in mind, whether you’re a slender or voluptuous woman or a combination of both.

That’s mainly due to how meticulously each bra is made and how every measurement is true to size, where even a 1-millimetre discrepancy isn’t acceptable. All this, in conjunction with the variety of designs and the fact that a PrimaDonna bra requires plenty of manual work for its construction, makes for an impeccably fitting bra, no matter the style or lingerie collection.

Range of Sizes

PrimaDonna’s undisputed expertise in lingerie for fuller-sized women has been long since proven by the range of sizes they offer. Not only do they have larger cup sizes than most, but they also carry briefs, thongs, shapewear, and swimsuits in sizes starting from small to 5XL.

Honestly, you can find more than 70 bra sizes available at any Prima Donna lingerie store, be it a local retail store or online. Even more impressively, you’ll always find bras that go up to a J cup and nowadays, you can also find a K cup. 

Fitted on a Number of Different Sized and Shaped Women

This is the most important aspect of what makes Prima Donna lingerie so popular among its clientele all over the world. All Prima Donna lingerie is initially tried out by real customers, not fitted on professional models or dummies.  

These customers are selected to represent the range of different and beautiful body types that deal with Prima Donna. As such, their opinions are seriously considered and taken into account whenever a new style is being launched or if any alterations to a previous style are needed.

Fashion Forward

The Prima Donna lingerie brand firmly believes that no matter your cup and band size, you should be able to look and feel good in what you wear. Just because a piece of lingerie is functional, it doesn’t have to look boring or old fashioned.

Prima Donna Lingerie

So, while Prima Donna lingerie previously catered to mature women and their palettes, nowadays, you can find trendy colours, prints, fabrics, styles, and cuts in any PrimaDonna collection. That being so, whether you enjoy feminine, lace bras or a swimsuit with a fun, bold print, you can find something for you in the various collections offered by Prima Donna.

Prima Donna Lingerie Icons

Down below, we’ll mention some of the most popular lingerie collections that Prima Donna offers, as well as what made these collections so beloved by the Prima Donna lingerie customers.

Prima Donna Deauville 

Prima Donna Deauville | Prima Donna Lingerie

The PrimaDonna Deauville bra is the best selling bra of Prima Donna, where one is sold every two minutes all over the world. This bra comes with a ribbed microfiber fabric that ensures comfort, as well as beautiful embroidery on the cups and straps that makes the bra look high-end and sexy. 

Most importantly, the Deauville bra is renowned for its remarkable fit, especially with large cup sizes. Since it comes with high side panels and deep, firm cups, you’ll be provided with the optimal lift and support. Moreover, your breasts will appear perfectly round, smooth, and centralized, which is honestly all a woman could ask of a bra.

Prima Donna Orlando

Prima Donna Orlando Bra | Prima Donna Lingerie

The Prima Donna Orlando  is the predecessor to the Deauville bra. It was recently brought back by the company due to customer demand, and it’s here to stay.

This shimmery bra with its embroidered, sheer inserts and three-part underwire cups will shape your breasts and greatly enhance their look. Moreover, it has side panels and a fine mesh lining to increase comfort and support. What sets the Prima Donna Orlando full cup bra apart from the Deauville full cup bra is its more modern look. However, it’s still as beautiful and as comfortable, and it’s available in every size possible to fit any woman in search of a good bra.

Prima Donna Madison 

Prima Donna Madison | Prima Donna Lingerie

For a more playful and fun bra, the Madison lingerie collection is the one to go with. This collection has a variety of bras styles available, from full cup wire bras to heart-shaped padded ones and more.

It comes in a modern, checkered pattern and bits of elastic lace that perfectly take the shape of your breasts, all to make sure your curves have a superior silhouette and your breast shape and body figure is the best it can be. 

That isn’t to say that it’s not supportive. The Prima Donna Madison bras are also designed and wholly created for full support and lift so that each woman can look and feel great throughout her day. 

Prima Donna Every Woman

Prima Donna Every Woman | Prima Donna Lingerie

If you’re going for a timeless and understated look, then the Prima Donna Every Woman lingerie collection is the one for you. This collection has top-notch seamless undergarments that are essential to every woman, with a touch of style. 

Additionally, the materials used in the Every Woman collection are lightweight and breathy to ensure the most comfort possible. Occasionally, simple is best, and that’s why the Every Woman collection has been a crowd favourite for more than 15 years. Sure, colourful prints and feminine designs are great, but the basic styles will always be needed, and that’s what the Every Woman collection is here for.

How to Take Care of Your Prima Donna Lingerie

As most women know, lingerie is very delicate, no matter the kind or brand. That’s why we always recommend hand washing because it’s gentler and your bras will last longer. Simply fill your sink with cool water, add your lingerie detergent, soak for a few minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Unfortunately, people are sometimes too busy and don’t have the time for hand washing lingerie. As a result, they’ll resort to putting their bras and briefs in the washing machine. If you do decide to opt for this option, always use a lingerie bag and use the Delicate wash cycle, or else a loose wire could end up jamming the washing machine drum. 

Still, you should know that many bras have been put through the wringer when washed in a washing machine, eventually ending up looking like it’s been chewed. The same can also happen if you wring your lingerie, put it in a dryer, or rub it aggressively when hand washing it.

However, if you properly take care of your bras, your bras can last for years. Simply rotate the bras in use, wash them according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and let them completely dry while hanging before putting them away, and you’re good to go.

When to Replace Your Prima Donna Bra

So, how can you tell that the time has come for you to let go of your old PrimaDonna bras? Well, it’s quite simple, really. 

If you’ve started experiencing any signs of discomfort or a change in fit, then it’s time to say goodbye and get a new bra. Furthermore, if you’ve recently gained or lost weight and the size is no longer correct, then a new bra is in order.

Good lingerie should feel as if you aren’t wearing anything. As such, once you start feeling uncomfortable or overly conscious of your bra, it’s no longer good. Other signs of ill-fitting or worn-out lingerie include loose straps, thinning fabric, poking underwires, and a moving bra band.

So, invest in your body and get a new bra when your old one is no longer functional or flattering, and you’ll immediately see and feel the difference. Keep in mind that if you put it off, your back, neck, posture, and most importantly, the firmness and look of breasts will suffer quite a bit. 


The Prima Donna lingerie brand started in Germany and has been around for more than 150 years, passing from one generation to the next. This brand’s expertise lies in providing women with curves in all parts of the world with high-quality, couture lingerie that will fully support them and enhance their curves.

So, if your figure isn’t straight-cut and you’re in the search for an outstanding bra, both in function and appearance, the Prima Donna lingerie brand should be your go.

Now, while other lingerie brands have a lower price tag than most Prima Donna lingerie collections, the fit, comfort, and esthetics of Prima Donna lingerie more than makes up for it.