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How To Fit Your Bra At Home Post Lockdown


If, like me, you have overindulged during lockdown you may find your once-perfect fitting bra a tad tight.  You have bulgy bits where there was once a smooth silhouette. It’s a bit tight and uncomfortable so you come to the realisation you need a different size bra.

Where Doesn’t Your Bra Fit?

The first thing you want to think about is where is the bra too small?  Are you fitting into the cups without bulging over the top or under the arms but you are finding the back is too tight?

If this is the case you will need to go up a back size but down a cup size.  This may not sound logical but when the back size goes up the cup size also increases even though the letter stays the same.  It’s confusing and this is why it can be tricking for you to fit yourself.

If you take a 34F bra and a 36E bra and lay them against each other you can see that the underwire is the same size in both bras. Here I have a 34F bra and a 36E bra and as you can see the underwire is the same in both bras.

The other scenario is that your bra too small everywhere. It’s too tight around the back and your boobs are no longer contained by the bra? In this case, you will want to try a larger back size but stick to the same cup size.  This is because when you move up the back size the cup size also increases. 

If you compare a 34G bra to a 36G bra you will be able to see the underwire is bigger and there is more length in the back strap. The additional space in the cup of the new cup should be sufficient to keep you suitable supported and contained. 

Virtual Bra Fitting

If you would like help with a bra fitting you can book in for one of our virtual bra fitting appointments. I will help you find the most comfortable and supportive bra for you without you having to leave the house.

The appointment lasts 15 mins and will be done via zoom.  Once you book your appointment with us you will be emailed a link with information to get on the video call.  You will need a webcam to have a virtual bra fitting.