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How To Style Your Nightwear For Daytime

Since the advent of Covid 19, we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home. If you’ve been working from home the idea of putting on a suit to sit at the kitchen table is a bit over the top so why not be comfortable and still stylish. Putting on some beautiful pyjamas and pairing them with a gorgeous knit can make you still put together but delightfully informal.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of women’s pyjama styles and how to choose one and how you can style a pyjama to be worn in the daytime. So, let’s dive into it!

How It’s Like to Wear Pyjamas All Day?

Wearing pyjamas all day is a dream come true for many people who live a hectic, work-centred life. They’re designed to be comfortable because they’re meant for sleeping. They also represent a carefree, unstructured style, which will make you feel relaxed.

Wearing pyjamas on the weekend is already popular but we’re not talking about rolling out of bed like a student and sitting in front of the TV eating cold pizza. The nightwear as daywear is a more considered look and the type of nightwear you choose is as important as what you select to go to the office in.

Different Types of Nightwear to Wear to Bed

Having discussed that pj’s and the like aren’t just for sleeping in and can be worn all day, let’s get into the types of nightwear to wear to bed, and from there, we can explain how you can style it for daywear.

Have you ever had trouble with sleep quality because you’re tossing and turning? If your answer is yes, it could be due to the clothes you wear to bed.

To get a good night’s sleep, you need to be comfortable and relaxed. So, here’s a list of our recommendations for what to wear to sleep.

Pyjama Sets

Women’s pyjamas are a must-have for a good night’s sleep. These kinds of pj’s are like comfort food, helping you to fall asleep. They’re also ideal for lounging and having a party with yourself. After a long day, unwinding in pyjamas is a terrific way to relax and have a good rest.

Pyjama fashions are available in various colours, prints, and fabrics, making them not only comfortable but fashionable too. If you suffer from being hot at night, stick to natural fibres such as cotton, silk, modal and rayon. In addition, pyjama sets are highly adaptable, allowing you to mix and match to create your unique nighttime look.


Do you want to make a fashion statement? You can start with sleepshirts! Depending on the sleeve length, the ultra airy shirt type comes with a collar in various styles. On a woman’s physique, the whimsical and floral print gives you a cool appearance.

Needless to say, it’s for folks who value aesthetics even in their pyjamas. You may also choose from various fascinating designs with different prints.


A seductive yet stylish nightdress will set the tone for the evening. You can choose from a variety of styles, ranging from sweet to wild.

It’s important to mention that the nightdress’s fabrics play a vital part in determining which occasions you can wear it in. In the same category of pyjama, you may discover everything from lace appliques to cotton comfort wear.

Nighties can come in a variety of styles, long, short, with or without sleeves, some have inbuilt bust support so there is a style to suit everyone.


The slip has ultra-thin spaghetti straps and is cut on the bias, clinging to your curves while delicately flowing just above your knees. They make you feel like you’re wearing a sophisticated, stylish nightdress. The slip is generally satin, with the bust section made of the net for a more feminine look.

Longer slips are also available, with a layer of the same netting material added below the knees to extend the length. They‘re available in gathers, pleats, ruffles, chemises, and form-fitting styles.

Marjolaine Silk Slip


The chemise is a sleeveless short nightie that has a simple shape with no buttons or fastenings. It is a relaxed effortless piece of nightwear that is often worn with a matching robe. It is usually made of silk, satin or lace and is usually very pretty.

Marjolaine Silk Chemise




A babydoll is sleeveless sleepwear or negligee with a loose fit that hangs loosely from the bustline or even directly from the shoulders. This cute and sexy piece usually comes with a matching thong. They are often designed in sheer fabric.

Babydolls fit individuals who are self-conscious about their tummies, thighs, or hips. As their loose fit makes them a size-friendly option, babydolls can be an attractive, body-skimming alternative to chemises.Lise Charmel Silk Babydoll

Peignoir Set

For ladies, a peignoir is a long-sleeved nightgown with a matching outer garment consisting of a slip and a robe. The Olga and the Vanity Fair, named after one of the original peignoir manufacturing enterprises, are the two most common styles of this exquisite sleeping gown.

These were referred to as dressing gowns or bathrobes because they were composed of translucent fabrics like chiffon. Plus, beautiful lace gets embroidered around the neckline of the chemise or slip. The robe also features a self-tie belt, huge side pockets, bell sleeves, and exquisite lace trimming.

How to Style Your Pyjamas as Daywear?

Pj’s are no longer just what you wear to bed; they have evolved into the latest fashion trend. As a result, the right pyjamas may be transformed into beautiful clothes for your daytime affairs. Here are a few tips on how pyjamas can be worn.

Wear Silk Pyjamas With a Structured Blouse

Silk pyjamas naturally add a touch of refinement to your ensemble. You can pair the bottoms with a silk fabric-structured blouse for a lovely contrast in the loose-fitting. For example, for a remarkable difference in hues, pair a navy blue or blacktop with tan or cream sleepwear pants.

Wear Your Satin or Silk Robe as a Jacket

Wearing silk or satin robes as jackets is a great way to incorporate sleepwear into your daytime clothes. Add a leopard print, bright-coloured tone, or intense floral design robe if you’re searching for something a little more daring. Add a simple t-shirt or tank to a pair of slacks and heels for an exquisite appearance fit for the public.

A satin or silk kimono robe is fantastic because it’s loose, even if you acquire it in your current size. In addition, because it’s so easy to layer over a whole outfit, it’s an ideal coat substitute. It’s also great for the summer because it’s lightweight and doesn’t give as much warmth as a traditional coat.

Wear the Right Footwear

Wearing the appropriate footwear can make a significant difference. This creates a more trendy statement without implying that you’re too lazy to get dressed. Although nothing surpasses a traditional black heel, you can experiment with different footwear alternatives to boost your style.

Brogues and loafers, and bluchers are all types of shoes. But when matched with your pyjama day appearance for work, any of the shoes could make a deadly mix. So instead, add a beautiful pair of tennis shoes, a beanie, and sunglasses to your sleepwear. Also, be cautious when styling your hair.

Top Off Your Pyjamas With a Blazer

In most situations, a blazer is an incredible fashion saver and the most fashionable way to look instantaneously more put-together. By slipping on an oversized blazer and adding a simple accessory, you can easily wear your pyjamas and transform yourself from a couch potato to ultra-chic in just a minute.

Slip-On a Button-Up Pyjama Top With Denim

The combination of a button-up pyjama top and a denim bottom is ideal. Consider your pyjama top as a substitute for long sleeved t-shirt. It’s also acceptable to wear them when you go for lunch or a walk or running errands.

You can wear your favourite blue or black jeans with a beautiful pyjama top and a killer pair of heels for a bold dressed-up woman-style. Alternatively, wear your jeans and pyjama top with flats or loafers for a more casual weekend appearance. Then, when it’s time to climb into bed, your pyjama pants will be waiting for you.

Match up Classic Prints With Fanciful Trims

Grab matching pyjamas set in a classic print like stripes, polka dots, or gingham checks before they’re gone. These are adaptable since they may be worn separately and quickly dressed up or down. A feathered hem completes the appearance, which you can try to replicate yourself after a trip to the craft store.

How to Choose the Best Nightgowns for a Good Night’s Sleep?

So, to choose your right daytime wear, you have to know how to choose the right nightwear for yourself.

When it comes to bed clothing, you may not dress to impress, but the right pyjamas may make or break your sleep cycles. So, let’s get right into it.

Your Purpose of Wearing Sleepwear

If you want to keep your night warm, use thick colours of flannel textiles. Choose jersey material or lightweight cotton for a ladies nightdress that will keep you cool on a hot night. Plus, silk fabric lingerie is ideal for women who want to spend a romantic evening with their partners.

Pick Fabric That Is Comfortable for You

Make sure you pick a fabric that’s breathable. There are many different fabrics to choose from when it comes to pj’s, but cotton isn’t your only option. It’s easy to fo get about the alternatives but modal, rayon and bamboo are all great options for keeping your body temperature regulated.

Silk fabric is also a great breathable material, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Warmth and breathability are provided by flannel pj’s, allowing you to stay comfortable without overheating in bed.

Also, clothing with moisture-wicking material allows your skin to breathe if you’re more sweaty while sleeping. These quality clothes can absorb moisture from your skin and allow it to depart your environment. In addition, they’ve been designed with treatments to keep them from absorbing water.

Get the Best Size to Suit Your Body Right

The size and style of your pyjama should be examined after selecting the most comfortable fabric for your skin. Use loose clothing to avoid skin irritation, fungal infections, and increased blood pressure due to tight clothes. However, you must prevent sagging.

Also, you should always choose comfortable pyjamas that allow your skin to breathe. Your attire may chafe your skin or make you feel uncomfortable and irritated if it sticks to your body.

Plus, make sure your pyjamas have a straight silhouette. Then, you won’t have to twist or turn around at night. You can also choose a size larger than your current size to boost your degree of comfort, as scaling up is never a bad thing when it comes to sleepwear.

Pick Your Ideal Colour

Colours brighten your mood, so if you’re buying new pyjamas, make sure you pick the right one, even for your kids. In pyjamas, for example, black is always attractive. Pink will make you feel sweet and gentle. Other bright colours, such as green, blue, and red, will lift your spirits, while soft, pastel hues will soothe you.

Consider the Details

Consider more than just the material. For example, looser pyjamas flow more freely across your body while you sleep, instead of squeezing or restricting.

Buttons, snaps, and tags, for example, might irritate you during the night. Also, make sure that any elastic isn’t too tight, as this can prevent circulation. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too loose as well, as this will cause it to slip off while you sleep.

Final Thoughts

Nightwear is one of the most underappreciated clothing items in everyone’s wardrobe. People appear to have confined it to simply wearing it when they want to hit the sheets and improve sleep quality. But now, you know that nightwear doesn’t have to be confined to the bedroom.

Also, consider investing in high-quality pyjamas if you want to feel and look beautiful in your nightwear, or even want to boost your daywear.