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Lingerie Drawer Tidy Up

Lingerie Drawer Tidy Up Transcript

At the moment, a lot of us are spending more time at home. Bit of an understatement! This gives us an opportunity to maybe have a little clear out of a few bits and pieces. I am going to show you my lingerie drawers. Not really relishing this though, because they are quite messy. And I don’t really want a show off my pants, but hey, hopefully, I should be able to show you some ways to make sure that you can grab the bra you need in the morning, whether it’s first T-shirt bra or you want to make sure that you’ve got your matching pants to go with your bra easy to get hold of. So, let’s take a look, shall we?

Now, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise, but I have a lot of underwear. And as you can see, the organisation currently is not great. I basically got sports bra there, some soft cups, random pants, soft bras. Underneath these, there is actually some semblance of order, so I’m gonna put this back, sort of a slightly more presentable stage. And I’m also gonna go through this drawer. Frankly, I rarely open the drawer, so either I’m not wearing the stuff or I just don’t have the strength to bother finding my pants in it. So fingers crossed, it’s gonna look a little bit better than this in a moment for you.

Okay, so I don’t think Mary Condo’s got anything to worry about. But as you can see here, I’ve got these little plastic baskets which work for the bras. I do see recommendations, if you’ve got padded bras like this, they should be stored like that. But frankly, I don’t have the space and it’s all very well saying that if you have lovely sort of cute little B and C cup bras, but when they get a bit bigger, they take up a heck of a lot of space. So, I would say as long as they’re tidy and you can find them, you will find that maybe they may go a little bit wibbly-wobbly, but that can also come from popping them in the washing machine as well. I’ve got my sports bras here, I’ve got an empty tray in the back, cause I’m pretty sure I’ve got a laundry basket full of washing that needs to be done. My T-shirt bras here and yes, that is a scarlet bra in my T-shirt bras because you can wear red under white and it doesn’t show through. And these bras are the ones that I wear all the time. So pants that I wear all the time. Pants basically just go with all of this.

Then in the second drawer, I put stuff that I wear more occasionally. As you could see these look bright, a little more interesting, padded and ruffles and lovely, lovely. And in this drawer, I have this separated box to keep my pants in. I quite like this because you can see quite easily. However, it does take up a lot more space than these boxes that are used. This is just an old Jo Malone Candlebox, had some face cream and stuff in it. So nothing fancy pants there. I’d like to say I keep it like this all the time, but I think you saw from the beginning that I don’t. The main thing I would say about keeping your lingerie drawers tidy, is the ability to make sure you can find sets. And there’s also this pile. Now, I don’t know if you’re like me ladies, but sometimes it’s just hard to let go. I can’t remember the last time I wore any of this. It doesn’t really fit me anymore. I like to live in hope that one day it will, but we’re years down the line now, so maybe it’s time just to let go.

I hope you find that interesting and useful, I would love to see pictures of your lingerie drawers. I’m sure many of you are much, much tidier than me. I’m much better organising and colour coordinating. So please do share. Be fab.