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3 Essentials To The Perfect T-shirt Bra

I’m going to talk about the 3 essentials to help you find your perfect t-shirt bra.

Style  – this is the shape and cut of the bra

Fit – what to look for when you are trying on bras

Colour – what are the different options available to you


T-shirt bras fit broadly into three key styles.

Plunge – low cut comes up higher under the arm

Balcony – great if you are a little shallow at the top of the bust

Full Cup – maximum support


The fabric your t-shirt bra is made from impacts the fit so it’s worth knowing a little about the different options.

Spacer – Space bras are made with a two layers of fabric with a third layer waving through the space between them.  This makes the fabric soft and breathable so the bra is perfect for hotter weather.

Pre-form – A pre-form t-shirt bra is made of a molded light foam.  It gives a rounded shape and stops nipples showing. We often get feedback from our fuller busted customers that they don’t want to make their boobs look bigger by wearing a pre-form bra.  The foam on these bras is only a couple of millimeters think and if the bra is the correct size and right style it will not add any bulk. I appreciate, however they can look a bit off putting as they always look larger than a soft cup bra.

Soft bras – soft t-shirt bras do not have any seams across the cup.  They are made by using heat to mold a piece of fabric into a boob shape.  Simplex fabric is often used to make soft t-shirt bras and it has a shiny appearance.


More than any other bra your t-shirt bra needs to fit perfectly if you are going to be wearing a form-fitting top. You want to avoid the dreaded double bubble where it looks like you have 4 boobs instead of two.  If you have a full bust check out a full cup style. Your boobage will be lifted, separate, contained and supported giving you a sleek silhouette.

If you are a little shallow at the top of the bust you might find that when you wear a plunge bra you get a lot of gapping at the top when you bend forward.  This could be because the shoulder straps need tightening or the bra is cut a little high for your shape. A balcony style t-shirt bra might be a better option for you.

When you are shopping for your t-shirt bra it’s a good idea to take a t-shirt with you so you can check how it will look under your clothes.


Okay so let’s start off with a common misconception – white under white… if you are wearing a white t-shirt bra under a white top and expect it not to show through you are going to be disappointed.  Even if it looks okay in the fitting room it will be visible in sunlight. If you have a light tone beige or even scarlet is a better choice. Yep, that’s right I did say scarlet. Bit of a surprise huh! When I’d heard years ago, from one of the lingerie reps, that scarlet was commonly worn in northern Europe under whites I was cynical.  But last year when looking at my boring beige bras I thought would give it a try. I recommend you give it a try!!

Now when we are talking about invisibility for your t-shirt bras the majority of lingerie companies cater for Caucasians but this is now beginning to change, this year Prima Donna is bringing out additional basics for darker skin tones and Nubian Skin are already well established but I’m not familiar with the fit of their bras.

But t-shirt bras don’t have to be skin tone, if you are wearing a dark top you can pick from a rainbow of colours, have a little fun, there is no reason you can’t experiment and still get plenty of wear out of pink, blue or green t-shirt bra.

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