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Post Brexit Shipping Update

UPDATE 29 JAN – We have received our test shipment so all our parcels have been released.  We expect the situation to now be improved enough that there will only be an additional delay of only a few days.

Shipping Update

Currently we, and I expect many other companies, are experiencing some of the results from a last-minute Brexit deal to leave the EU.

There has been considerable confusion in what is required by customs for good coming in from the EU which has resulted in large shipments being returned back to our suppliers Prima Donna and Marie Jo. Being in Jersey has added another layer of complexity to the issue but thankfully we have managed to get a shipment cleared by UK customs.

Unfortunately, the courier company, UPS, have a huge backlog of over  200,000 parcels in East Midlands to process. Our shipment is somewhere in the middle of what I imagine to be a very large pile of boxes.

At this stage, I can not give any specific timings on when we can expect to ship out deliveries and I am sorry that we are meeting our usual despatch timelines.

We appreciate your patience and if you do have any questions please get in touch.