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Prima Donna Lingerie Review of Autumn/Winter Collection 2023

The glorious new season of Prima Donna lingerie is just around the corner, and let me tell you, there are some absolutely stunning pieces to look out for. From bright fluorescent shades to big colour contrasts, this collection offers a wide range of options. But don’t worry if you prefer calm neutral colours, because they’ve got those too! Prima Donna manages to strike the perfect balance between classic and traditional designs while adding a touch of uniqueness to each piece. Let’s dive into the different collections and explore what they have to offer.

The Devhada Collection: Navy Blue Elegance with a Floral Twist

First up, we have the Prima Donna Devhada collection, featuring a beautiful navy blue with stunning orange and pink floral embroidery. This collection is accented with touches of green and trimmed with a pretty pink ribbon. You’ll find two styles to choose from in this collection. The classic full-cup bra, which offers opaque coverage on the bottom and sheer elegance on the top, is always a top seller. It’s available in a wide range of sizes, going all the way up to the H cup. The half-cup padded plunge style is a bit lower in the front and beautifully showcases the intricate embroidery. With a touch of light padding, this bra lifts and enhances your bust, giving you a lovely décolletage. Additionally, there are four different styles of briefs available: rio, full briefs, thong, and luxury thong. While the rio and full briefs are simple with minimal embroidery, it would have been nice to see more decorative touches to match the stunning embroidery on the bras.

Prima Donna Devehya Bras

The Prima Donna Livonia Collection: A Twist on Classic Black Lace

The Livonia collection offers a twist on the classic black lace bra. It features a lace tie effect on the top of the cups and across the center of the gore, adding a touch of funkiness. In this collection, you’ll find the full-cup bra and the half-padded plunge styles. If you prefer a simpler design and great support, the full-cup bra is the one for you. The straps are quite simple, and unless you’re a big fan of the plunge look, this style will be perfect. There are also four styles of briefs available, including the Rio, full briefs, and a pair of special briefs with a super high waist and sexy laced elastic on the back. The briefs are designed with finished edges to ensure they don’t dig in or leave lines.

Prima Donna Livonia

The Prima Donna Madison Collection: Reimagined Elegance

This season, the Prima Donna Madison comes in two different colours. The golden olive option features a delicate khaki shade with a slight golden sheen that beautifully highlights the lace design on the cup. The full-cup bra in this collection is accompanied by a non-padded full-cup seamless style, which is a reimagined version of the popular Prima Donna Divine. If you were a fan of the Divine but missed out as it was discontinued, this is the bra for you. The Rio briefs and full briefs in this collection also feature lovely lace detailing on the back, ensuring a smooth fit under your clothes. However, it’s worth mentioning that there’s no T-shirt bra in this colour. If you prefer a t-shirt bra, you might want to check out the olive green colourway, which offers a darker khaki lace design and includes a t-shirt bra option.

Prima Donna Madison

The Prima Donna Deauville Collection: Everyone’s Favourite

Undoubtedly, one of the most beloved collections from Prima Donna is the Deauville. This year, they’ve introduced a coloured version called “ristretto,” which is a beautiful chocolatey brown shade with a shimmer that is more noticeable in person than in the images. If you’re a fan of the full cup style, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s available in this new colour. In addition, they’ve added a new style for the I, J, and K cups, featuring a simplex fabric that offers firm support and a touch of shimmer. However, if you’ve always worn the classic style and are unsure about the fit of this new version, it might be best to stick with what you know. The Prima Donna Deauville collection also includes the Rio, full briefs, thong, and luxury thong styles, offering a variety of options to suit different preferences.

Prima Donna Deauville Lingerie

The Prima Donna Osino Collection: Recoloured Elegance

Prima Donna often takes successful collections and gives them a fresh look. The Osino collection is a recolouration of a previous release, and this time, they’ve chosen a navy blue colour with taupe embroidery tulle. The combination creates a lovely contrast without being too bold, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer a more subtle colour palette. The briefs in this collection follow classic lines, offering simplicity and wearability. The Osino collection includes two bra styles: the full cup bra and the balcony tulip seam. The balcony tulip seam design lifts and pushes your breasts slightly more to the center, giving a rounded appearance.

Prima Donna Osino LIngerie


Prima Donna Orlando Collection: A Fantastic Alternative

One of the most popular collections from Prima Donna is the Orlando, which has been a fantastic alternative to the Deauville for many customers. This season, they’ve introduced a stunning cobalt blue colour that looks absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, this colour is only available up to the H cup, which is a bit disappointing. However, if it happens to be your size, I would highly recommend grabbing this striking piece before it’s gone. Blues are always popular, and this shade is truly eye-catching.

Prima Donna Orlando Bras

Prima Donna Cheyney Collection: Limited Edition Elegance

Later in the year, Prima Donna will be releasing a limited edition collection called the Cheyney. They’re aiming to create something a bit younger and sexier with this collection. The bright blue embroidery on a taupe tool base, coupled with a black flock, adds a touch of playfulness. Prima Donna has also included a harness, which has been seen in a previous collection. While this may be a bit too daring for the core Prima Donna audience, it’s a fun addition for those who prefer a slightly funkier style. The Prima Donna Cheyney collection includes the full cup bra and the balcony bra with vertical seams. The pants in this collection are lovely, with the flock adding an extra touch of elegance. The Brio, full briefs, hot pants, and thong options ensure you can rely on Prima Donna for a comfortable fit with a unique twist.

Prima Donna Cheyney LIngerie

The Prima Donna Las Salinas Collection: Bold and Vibrant

Last but not least, we have the Prima Donna Las Salinas collection, which is known for its bold and funky colouring. The neons in this collection really make it pop, and you have three different styles to choose from: the full cup, the balcony tulip seam, and the padded balcony bra. The padded balcony bra is particularly great if you find the full cup style a bit too high or if you experience any gapping at the top. While the briefs in this collection are relatively simple, the luxury thong stands out with its beautiful embroidery. Last Salinas is a strong collection that offers bold colour choices and striking embroideries.

Prima Donna Las Salinas

Prima Donna: Beautiful Designs, Unparalleled Comfort

As always, Prima Donna Lingerie brings us beautiful designs coupled with unparalleled comfort, making it a winner in the lingerie world. Whether you prefer classic elegance, bold colours, or something in between, this Autumn/Winter collection has something for everyone. The diverse range of styles, colours, and sizes ensures that every woman, especially those aged 40 plus, can find the perfect lingerie to make her feel confident and comfortable.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to explore the stunning Prima Donna lingerie Autumn/Winter collection of 2023. With its friendly and engaging tone, Prima Donna aims to make every woman feel special and embrace her unique style. Happy shopping!