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Prima Donna Sports Bra Review – Does it ban the bounce?

Sports bras, functional at best, torture devices at worst and that’s on top of getting all hot and sweaty at the gym.  Having found a sports bra I was happy with I had no desire to try an alternative until Caroline from Prima Donna offered me one of their Mesh collection to try.

There are two styles available, one with padding and one without, both are underwired.  The bra is available up to an H cup so it needs to be pretty well engineered to offer support and comfort.  The Prima Donna Sports bras are stylish but as I’m not one to be flashing my non-existent abs at the gym this wasn’t such a concern.  It has to be comfortable and supportive first and foremost.  As a specialist in large cup lingerie, Prima Donna have an understanding on what this bra needs to achieve.

The bra is fastened like a regular bra with a series of hooks and eyes at the back.  None of the undignified struggling with a bra that has to be put on over the head, The adjustable straps can be worn over the shoulder or cross back, I’m 5’6″ and found when I wore the straps over the shoulder I had them tightened to the maximum.  If you are shorter you may find that you will have to wear the bra with the straps crossed.

The different style bras are available in different sizes.  The underwired style in both the Mesh and the Sweater start at a C Cup and go to an H cup between and 32 and 42 back sizes.  the padded underwire style is available from a B cup to a G cup and starts at a 30 back size up to a 40.

Prima Donna Sports – The Sweater


It’s been a few weeks since I filmed this video and I have found that I am reaching for the Prima Donna Sports bra over and above my others without fail.

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who had tried the Prima Donna Sports collections, did it work for you, or are you still on the search for the perfect sports bra?