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Swimwear For Big Busts – Choosing Swimwear for Large Busts

Buying swimwear when you have a large bust isn’t as simple as popping into Marks & Spencer and picking up any bikini that takes your fancy. The situation can often be fraught and a tad depressing. Trying on bikini after bikini under harsh lighting, perfectly designed for showing up every lump, bump and niggling insecurity isn’t going to fill you with joy. At Plums Lingerie I often hear these tales of woe, which do little more than grind down confidence and bring upon a sense of dread at the idea of having to strip off at the beach or by the pool. Putting up with a poorly designed swimsuit or bikini can mean you end up panicking that your boobs will fall out every time you bend forward or you are constantly re-adjusting to stay comfortable. Having a fuller bust doesn’t mean that you are destined to suffer, there are lots of options for larger cup size bathing suits and bikinis.

To make buying a new swimsuit or bikini a pleasure rather than a pain follow these three tips when you are shopping.

1. Look for Swimwear with Cup Sizes

Whether you are looking for a bikini or a swimsuit finding one that comes in cup sizes will help smooth the process.  There are two types  –

Underwire – incorporates the wire used in bra cups to give support.  These wires are used in two different ways

Fixed Underwire

A swimsuit with a fixed underwire will often have padded cups. The swimsuits with padded cups and underwire will give you the maximum amount of support and they will usually have strap fastening at the back to keep it in place. Underwire bikinis will either be designed in a similar style to a bra without any padding and seams in the cups to give shape and support or with padded cups. Both styles are supportive but the padded cups make the bikini look less bra-like, it’s a question of fit and taste.

Cup sized Underwire swimsuits

Floating Underwire

A floating underwire is used to give swimsuits extra support. Maryan Mehlhorn swimsuits feature an underwire that is sewn at the sides but is allowed to be free in the middle.  This gives the flexibility of sizing and is better if you are long in the torso. A floating underwire will not give you as much support as swimsuits with a fixed underwire.

Non-wire – you can buy both swimsuits and bikinis that are designed in cup sizes and soft padding that gives additional support and extra fabric around the bust to give you extra coverage.

Non wire Cup sized Swimsuits


2. Choosing The Right Size When Buying Cup Size Swimwear

Non-Wire – When looking for bikinis or swimsuits that have cup sizes without an underwire you can be a little more flexible. If a swimsuit is an F cup it will often be suitable for an E, G or H because it has extra fabric at the side to give coverage.  When trying on a swimsuit that comes in bra sizes i.e. 34 F you may find you need to try a different size than the bra size you usually wear.

If you are narrow around the ribs but have a curvy bottom the 32E that you usually wear in a bra will probably be too tight.  Going up a back size gives you more room in the body area but you will need to try a smaller cup.  So if you are used to wearing a 32E bra but you wear a size 14 trouser a 34D would probably a better fit.  This rule applies to both underwire and non-wire swimsuits


Underwire Swimwear – If you are buying an underwire bikini from a brand where the bras fit you try the same size as you usually buy. The same does not necessarily apply to swimsuits, it will depend on your body type.  Check the chart above to give you a guide to what back size in the swimsuit you should try.

Non-cup Size Swimwear

Cup size swimsuits aren’t the only option if you are busty. There are some key features to look for to help identify whether a swimsuit will be suitable before you have to try it on.

  • Pleating or gathering at the side of the bust – this will give you a bit more give at the top of this swimsuit.
  • Adjustable straps – adjusting the straps allows you to tighten up for more support or loosen to give you more boob space.
  • Wide straps – A wider straps will more evenly disperse the weight of the bust making it more comfortable.

3. Choose Bikinis That Are Sold As Separates

When buying a bikini designed for a larger bust choosing collections that sell the top and bottoms separately is ideal to help you find not only the perfect size bikini briefs but also the style that suits you. We are all unique and it can be frustrating when you find a bikini top that fits and the bikini bottom doesn’t fit or is an unsuitable style.

Prima Donna Sahara Bikinis

Many lingerie companies have a swimwear line where they transfer their expertise of giving you lift and support every day to ensuring your ample bosom is beach-ready. A key benefit of buying swimsuits or bikinis from a lingerie designer is that there is a consistency in sizing. So if you are a fan of Marie Jo bras then you can be confident that the equivalent size in their swimwear will also fit.

Whether you are having a staycation or jetting off to warmer climes the right swimsuit or bikini for your fabulous big bust can make you feel a million dollars so it’s worth the investment in getting it perfect for you.

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